Dear Mrs./Mr.!

It is my pleasure to introduce You the Vám-International Limited.


The predecessor in title was started in 1992 by Hungarian individuals, afterwards the company turned into a limited company in 1998.

Our main activity is dealing with customs involving consultancy, administration,  warehousing, transfer of goods, representative activities. Our company is settled in the centre of the commercial region of Záhony, next to a significant trade route to Eastern-Europe, which is to have a key role in the commerce of Hungary, likewise the EU in the next decades.

The Vám-International Limited, as one of the leading customs offices in the region, takes an active role in dealing with the customs duties, warehousing and the transferring of goods concerning the transit, to satisfy the clients’ needs. Therefore our company takes on all-inclusive customs dealing, representation by customs organs to clients within and beyond the country.

Our other sphere of activity is retailing lumber and wood, started in 1999. We trade with raw materials, semi-finished products (trimming and untrimming borovi pine,lurch,spruce timber as well as lathed spruce timber, oak piles and processed timber materials), and the construction of log houses at any location in Hungary.

We postulate that our service meets the highest standards in the supply of the proper product for all of our clients.

Yours sincerely

Kirs László